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Paismo Secures $1.5 Million to Innovate HR Technologies in Pakistan and Beyond - Acquire Daily

Paismo Secures $1.5 Million to Innovate HR Technologies in Pakistan and Beyond

Paismo, a leading HR tech startup providing comprehensive “hire to retire” solutions, is transforming the future of work in emerging markets.

Paismo recently closed a $1.3 million seed funding round, bringing its total capital raised to $1.5 million.

With a mission to build locally and scale globally, Paismo’s software-as-a-service platform aims to deliver innovative HR solutions internationally while driving impact in Pakistan. Key focus areas include increasing employee access to bank accounts and health benefits.

Paismo is a US/Pakistan-based startup backed by top-tier global VC firms and regional investors like Indus Valley Capital, Antler, and Jedar Capital. It represents Pakistan’s first modern provider of HR tech, payroll, and benefits with ambitions to expand into MENA, SEA, and beyond.

Aatif Awan, founder of Indus Valley Capital, and former VP of Growth & International at LinkedIn, says,

I saw firsthand at LinkedIn how software can create economic opportunities globally. With Paismo, we are excited about the opportunity to build an incredible ‘Made in Pakistan, for the World’ SaaS product to solve a huge problem for employers and employees across emerging markets.

Words from Aatif Awan, founder of Indus Valley Capital, quoted in ProPakistani.

Co-led by UPenn alumni Rebecka Zavaleta and Usama Mahmud, Paismo combines world-class product leadership with deep emerging markets expertise. Rebecka has over 10 years of experience driving global product launches at tech leaders like Google, TikTok, and Facebook.

Usama, a Visiting Scholar at UPenn, has spearheaded major public sector reforms and raised over $50 million for education in Punjab.

After engaging hundreds of companies firsthand, Paismo understands the HR pain points hampering business growth and talent retention in emerging markets. Hiring struggles, payroll headaches, limited benefits, and subpar performance are the norm.

Paismo’s technology aims to resolve these challenges with an all-in-one solution benefiting both employers and employees. In Rebecka’s words,

Paismo is not just another software, it goes beyond that. It is a product-led company, providing a customizable, user-centric solution, and actively integrating with strategic partners to foster access to benefits. We’re passionate about delivering a holistic experience to our clients.

Words from Paismo founder Rebecka, quoted in ProPakistani.
Paismo Aims to Redefine the Future of Work in Emerging Markets

Paismo has bold aspirations to revolutionize the new age of work across emerging markets worldwide.

This vision resonated with investors like Sherif Nessim, Founder of Jedar Capital, a leading strategic venture capital firm focused on the MENAP region.

“Paismo’s exceptional team combines deep knowledge of advanced HR technologies with on-the-ground expertise in high-growth emerging markets,” said Nessim. “This powerful combination enables them to build tailored solutions for these regions, where legacy HR systems are fragmented and inadequate.”

Words from Sherif Nessim, quoted in ProPakistani.

Nessim added, “As emerging markets continue their rapid digital transformation, Paismo is uniquely positioned to define the next generation of HR infrastructure and unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and employee well-being.”

Paismo Poised to Disrupt HR Tech in Emerging Markets with Antler’s Backing

With the backing of prominent global VC firm Antler, Paismo is positioned to disrupt the HR tech landscape across fast-growing emerging markets.

“Paismo has one of the strongest teams we’ve seen at Antler globally,” said Markus Bruderer, Partner at Antler. “Their depth of understanding of emerging market dynamics, combined with world-class tech expertise, gives them an unparalleled advantage in this space.”

Words from Markus Bruderer, quoted in ProPakistani.

Antler is recognized for working with exceptional founders to build global-impact companies. Their support signals Paismo’s incredible potential.

According to Bruderer, Paismo’s talented co-founders Rebecka and Usama “have the experience and vision to tackle the massive opportunities in HR tech across key markets like Pakistan, MENA, and Southeast Asia.”

He added, “Legacy HR systems in these regions are ripe for disruption. Paismo’s all-in-one platform provides a lean, modern solution for simplifying ‘hire to retire’ processes and unlocking new levels of efficiency.”

Bruderer concludes, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to back Paismo as they reinvent HR tech from the ground up across high-growth emerging economies.”

This vote of confidence from Antler affirms Paismo’s capacity to achieve their bold ambitions. With seasoned investors like Antler and Indus Valley Capital on board, Paismo is ready to cement its position as the next-generation leader in HR tech for emerging markets.

Top-Tier Investors Confirm Paismo’s Momentum as Rising HR Tech Star

The support of leading investment firms affirms Paismo’s strategy and trajectory as a rising global leader in HR tech innovation.

Indus Valley Capital, Antler, and Jedar Capital have backed Paismo in recognition of their enormous potential. These prominent partners offer both capital and expertise to accelerate Paismo’s expansion worldwide.

“Securing the confidence of these three respected investors is a resounding validation of our vision,” said Paismo co-founder Rebecka Zavaleta.

Jedar Capital founder Sherif Nessim echoed this sentiment. “Our investment confirms Paismo’s capacity to dominate HR tech across high-growth markets from Pakistan to MENA,” he said.

According to Usama Mahmud, Paismo’s co-founder, these aligned backers will help activate the company’s full potential. “With our investors’ strategic guidance and funding, we can execute our vision to lead the future of HR tech globally,” he said.

Their end-to-end support affirms Paismo’s strategy and accelerates their traction, fortifying their ascent as an emerging star in the competitive HR tech sphere.

Since launching in Pakistan this year, Paismo has onboarded businesses across sectors.

Per Taimur Mumtaz, CEO of Fazal Din Pharma Plus, “We needed a modern, easy HR and payroll system, which we found with Paismo.”

To expand access to insurance and financial benefits, Paismo has teamed up with leading providers like Adamjee Insurance and MCB Islamic Bank, with more partnerships on the horizon.

“This collaboration enables businesses to provide their workforce with the protection they deserve,” said Ahmer Shoaib, Head of Commercial Operations at Adamjee Insurance.

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